Friday, March 30, 2012

my latest ABBA the Movie posters

In the last week its been a trying time. Selling stuff to make some money to pay for important things like fixing the car because you drag a huge rottwieller around. But occasionally you end up with something nice from it too. I have sold alot of ABBA world merchandise. I went crazy in Melbourne and in Sydney and I have to say parting with those 4 little dolls was soooo hard. but thats life isnt it.When you are a low income earner you do what you have to do. I sell abba to improve on my abba collection. The Quad you will see is a stunning dinkie dy original British Quad poster. Not a bad price compared to what I have paid in the past. It is the same size as the other British quad using the "eagle " single photo. 30 x 40 inches. here she is. The other is from a awesome set from Italy very rare and not many around

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