Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi there this is the ABBA Blog for 2011
Following down the page you will see what this pictue above is
all about. Since the age of 13 I have loved the music of ABBA
I have still this obsession and this collection is only part
of it but it shows you my favourite items.
I will still be adding to the collection so keep an eye
out for the updates.
When you scroll down the page you will get to a "older posts"
click onto that link to continue on through the site.
You will also come across some lovely footage of abba
and Abbaworld itself
Enjoy the tour of my "abbaworld " I hope you like it and it
brings you a small insight to the world of abba.
abba memorabillia from Australia and everything else I
hold in my little abba room
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Roxanne said...

Loving your Blog Truddles ..

Abbasolutely said...

Well I do have you to thank for some of this..... You have The best abba site..