Saturday, November 19, 2011

Collecting ABBA memorabillia and what it has done to you!

As time goes on we still as abba fans need to feed on the hunger of "I must have this" or "i so need that". Sometimes its so over powering that you find your self parting with many things you care about in your collection or missing out on that dress or the much needed head of foils just to get that special item  into your collection . As a  farely serious collector of all that is abba especially from Australia, I find i have this problem so much I have come to conclusion that its now a serious addiction like gambling or smoking and so on. It has in part taken over a large portion of my free time. Every minute that I can get I am on the computer searching for an item that continues to elude me. Soudn familiar to any of you? I find it sad and frustrating at times but none the less I continue on with it day after day after day.....I always say to myself  "when I get that mirror I will stop buying anything else" and at the time I do mean this completely and untill I get that dam abba mirror back into my collection where it rightfully belongs I intend to follow that intention fully. SO I declare myself and abba addict and its been 2 days since my last purchase.  If anyone has this mirror, my one and only final purhase to help me get out of this little corner of the house that I hide in too often then please let me know ASAP.

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Anonymous said...

Hi just want to inform you that Bukowskis Market auction website in Sweden has this Sång till GÖrel up for auction right now

happy bidding!