Friday, November 18, 2011

ABBA article from 1977

I have very fond memories of this article that came in the Womans Weekly in 1977. I only entered this competition once and what you had to do in order to win tickets to see abba in concert was fill in the gaps of the "national" abba song with your own lyrics.
I wrote.......They make life so very easy now, they show you how with National.  I was so into song writing way back then and so I was very proud of these few lines and was sure I was going to win but of course I didn't :(  I stil lremember those lyrics like it was yesterday. I have just  purchased this mag with the competition still intact. Who in their right mind owned this magazine back then and did not enter it. Shame on them  :)


Back to the 80s said...

I found this very interesting. ABBA are true icons. I will definitely be back to check in with your website again.

Great Post.

Abbasolutely said...

Thankyou so much for your kind words and I look forward to more from you as you return. On the bottom of the blog you will find another blog I own called abba in australia 1976-1977. Go and check it out sometime. Its only new.