Thursday, December 22, 2011

New ABBA posters

This one I have framed at home encased in a beautiful glass frame that was given to me by the talented writer of ABBA Let the music speak. That one was what he had on display at his book launch and I fell in love with it so much.
There are some beautiful people in this world who amaze me with generousity everyday and one is my good friend Roxanne who just gave me the rare Happy Anniversary single and the other is Chris Patrick who knows how much I love abba and especially posters and with the excption of the one directly below gave me (yes thats right) gave me these beautiful posters. The blue jeans one is my most fave of all. Love you guys !

these are all laminated I have this one but not as in good as nick as this one

 I have this one again too but not folded and not laminated like agnetha above.

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