Saturday, January 22, 2011


well what do you think ? There was a copy of this poster in
Melbounres Abbaworld and it was an obvious copy.
I have had this for over 3 years and I have this thing for
smelling my old abba stuff. I am sure you know what I mean . All
my original abba memorabilla and posters magazines etc have that
distinctive old smell and I love it . Well this poster has that smell
its not at all a thick glossy poster its very very thin and fragile
and is flat finish on paper . its a yellowish tint on the reverse.
Rumours have had it that this poster is a fake and I am curious
does anyone know the truth?
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Dave said...

Hi Trudy, I think there were definitely fakes around- printed in the nineties or early naughties. A shop in Stockholm has some for sale and at the time they made regular appearances on ebay, Far too many of them around to be genuine. That isn't to say that yours isn't original though- you may well have one from the time. xxx

Abbasolutely said...

hmm nice to kow thanks Dave :)