Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 2011 and abba

Well the year has started a little quiet for the start of the 2011.
We have seen some fantastic video footage from Youtube that has
come out, some were only available in B/W and now we can
see them in full colour at long last. Some had never
been seen by the abba fan at all ..ME!!!! You can watch
these rare clips of the fab four on this Blog all you do is scroll
further down the site. All reunion rumours of abba have at last
died down and now we hope that next month will be full of BAO gossip
and much much more. Say tuned to this Blog for the news as it comes
out and so much more. ENjoy my abba blog and please leave a comment.
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Ian said...

My calendar went all mouldy :-(

Abbasolutely said...

that is so sad Ian. Mine is not perfect I was always tempted to pullit iniot 12 sections though!