Friday, March 18, 2011

my 1st abba autograph 1978

I was stuck in hospital when ABBA the Movie came out and my
friend had an address of Agnetha,s that she gave me to write to her .
I did this and some time later got an envelope hand written form Sweden.
Sadly I dont have that any more but inside was this card.
I even rubbed it with a slightly with my wet index finger to see if they were real I was
so dam excited at the time. It smudged away some of the ink so I was happy.
I wrote her such a long letter about how I was no longer able to dance due
to my injuries ( I did tap and jass then I was only 15.) Next thing I knkow
Chiquitita came out and I always thought it was written about me (or hoped
anyway.) The funny things we dream up at such a young age. This is the only one
I have other than Bjorns autographed book I won at auction. Very precious indeed.
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