Saturday, January 29, 2011

my abbaworld

Slowly over time I have collected a few beautiful pieces of abba memorabilla. Some I have had since I was a very young
little girl. There has also been very tough times finacially where I have had to sell a lot of valuable items like my Frida
perfume and so much more to help ends meet. I am a huge fan of the music of abba. I do not know their birth dates or anything as extreme as that. I have a nice little collection of abba music and all the australian releases so yes I love abba and their songs but
its the little tid bits that I love to collect so much. Of course my main aim is to complete the Astralian side of things. Meaning all that was sold here not just what was made here. SO I need to get my perfume back and so much more. ONe day I am sure I will get there. Anyway this is a lot of what I have but there is so much more that would probably nore many of you. If you would like to see more please let me know. I have many articles and posters clothing etc. Anyway enjoy. Just click onto the picture and it will enlarge what you want to see. If you have something that I dont please send in a picture and share it with me.
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