Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Abba - Abba To Reunite? -

Abba - Abba To Reunite? - Contactmusic News
It seems that we have now got 4 different versions from abba members of a reunion in the last 6 months. ONe would think that if these 4 continue to drop silly little statements like these that even I am starting to wonder if they would actually sit down and do something un-cut together. Just accoustics no backing band . It would be lovely. I cannot see them doing the wedding for Prince William  as they did not perform for their own Swedish royals so thats out. Hope your not having a bet on this one!
I would love to see Agnetha and Frida do something nice together. Maybe they could do the songs Agnehta has not completed and the boys can produce the recordings.
Again it is a fans dream that is for sure and I would sell any and every think I have to fly to the moon or where ever it is they will play to see the fab 4. 


Ian said...

I don't think they're making "silly little statements". They're always asked about a reunion, it's become a joke. In the recent Agnetha interview the writer says that she asked "the mandatory ABBA question". In that Benny and Björn were obviously playing around with "yeah, why not?" and that they could sing "The Way Old Folks Do".

Abbasolutely said...

Yes I have read this interview too.
It was done with a joke it even reads as a joke yet still the press played with the words and made it their own. SO I still say "silly little statements" who knows maybe they dont care, I dont care, does anyone really? My point is if they do then they need to use their words more carefully or this will go on for ever and even you Sir Ian will just keep on saying "Oh for fuck,s sake" :)xx

Ian said...

The saddest thing about the Benny and Björn one is the guy who did the interview is a hard-core ABBA fan who should have known better than to beat-up the reunion angle.